About Us

Our website is a unique place where you can find inspiration with every step you take. If you like stickers, designing and being creative then you're at the right place.

Here, you can find our shop with lots of cool merch and a blog where you can read articles on various topics, like drawing, designing, DIYs, art in general and anything that has to do with creation that can inspire others.The main idea is to bring together people who feel that urge to create and inspire each other.

Our Mission

Hugzie's number one mission is to create unique and original, but affordable stickers for everyone. Since 2018, we are aiming at creating a variety of stickers where anyone can find something for themselves. Our group is small but we love what we do and that makes us quite efficient.

The idea behind this website was not only to sell our products but also to create a community where creative people can find all sorts of entertainment and information. You can find articles about interesting topics on our blog. We cover various topics, from design and creating over movies and music to software tutorials. We would like to inspire you and set you in a creative mood.


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What can I find here?
At our store, you can find many different self-adhesive stickers and every single one of them was carefully designed with love and passion. Also, we are working on expending our collection of self-adhesive patterns.
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What stickers do you have?
Stickers are sold in two sizes (50x50mm and 70x70mm) and are printed on three types of paper (PVC with a white background, transparent PVC, and textured paper).
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What are patterns?
Beside original stickers, you can also find interesting self-adhesive patterns in our store. They are sold in one size, 140x200mm and are printed on only one type of paper. Basically, they are self-adhesive sheets that you can use in many creative ways, without struggling with glue.
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What shipping options do you offer?
We offer shipping via Post Express only throughout the Republic of Serbia, where our headquarters are. Unfortunately, at the moment international shipping is not available; however, we are working on expanding our shipping and sending our merchandise all over the world.
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Is personal delivery an option?
Personal delivery is only possible in Novi Sad, if selected during checkout. In that case, detailed information will be sent to you via e-mail.
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