By reading this post you will find some basic information about die cut stickers, like how they are made and their creative use.
What are Die Cut Stickers?

What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting can refer to the general process of cutting materials with a die machine. This kind of machine is used to cut through some thinner materials, such as rubber, foil, cloth, paper, etc. There are some differences in the processes the machines use, depending on the material they are intended to cut, but they all basically function in similar ways. These die cutting machines are used to cut out the material in a shape that you desire. In the beginning, they were used in leather factories, but later on people started using them in other manufacturing sectors, from shoe making to sticker and label cutting. However, most of the print industry turned to digital controlled knives and high-speed lasers to cut their die cut stickers. In die cutting the knives and lasers go all the way through the self-adhesive material on which the stickers are printed. In that sense, a die cut sticker is a type of sticker that is cut in a specific shape of an artwork or design.

Why are Die Cut Stickers so Popular?

One of the main reasons why die cut stickers are more popular that other types of stickers is that they simply look more appealing than others even before they are applied. People love the way they are presented. One of their biggest advantages is that before sticking them on the wanted surface you can try them out without really sticking them. Just by putting them onto the object you can see how will they look when you permanently adhere them. This a good way to try out different stickers or sticker combination before making that final step in decorating your planer, laptop, phone or anything you want.

However, the most noticeable drawback of die cut stickers is that they are harder to peel than kiss cut stickers or sticker sheets. It can be really tricky to remove the back of a die cut sticker, which can result in damaging the outline or even the printed artwork. And if you fold them really hard, it will result in a crease on the sticker which will always detach from the object that is adhered to. Besides this, another disadvantage of die cut stickers is that they don't really have any kind of protection around them, which can lead to damaging during shipment. Their edges can get ripped or crumbled if they're not properly packed.

Some Creative Uses of Die Cut Stickers

Like any other type of sticker there is a huge number of ways in which die cut stickers can be used. However, the most common uses are decoration and advertisement. In the last few years people have massively started buying die cut stickers to decorate their laptops, reusable water bottles, phone cases and so on.

Reusable bottle covered with stickers
Figure 1 - Reusable bottle covered with stickers

Stickers are actually a very creative and unique way of expressing yourself and people seem to like it. They get to enjoy decorating their everyday objects with cool and original art. With the rise in popularity of bullet journals, die cut stickers have become a must-have stationery supply. You can use stickers to decorate your planner pages, cover up writing or drawing mistakes, make mood boards for you sketchbooks, among many other creative and fun things.

Bullet journal
Figure 2 - Bullet journal

For those who work as designers and creators of stickers, these die cut stickers are a great way to advertise your creative business. Because the shape of die cut stickers is often unique to the specific design of the creator, using these stickers for advertising is a creative approach to getting more attention from your customers and their inner circles. Handing out die cut stickers is an easy and fun way to spread the word about your business and what you do. The human eye is naturally drawn to interesting colours and shapes, so by presenting your designs in the form of die cut stickers you have a better chance of attracting potential new customers.

Taking into consideration all the pros and cons of die cut stickers, it is easy to see why they are among the most popular and appealing types of stickers. They stand out visually and enable you to show off your creative and fun side. I hope this article helped you in your search for answers about die cut stickers. You can check out some of our originally designed stickers at our store.Don't forget to have fun and stay creative!

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